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In the days pre-Internet you would look at advertisements for restaurants, see their pictures and hear what they had to say… Sometimes, a friend would recommend a restaurant; but you knew this friend, and they knew a little about what you might like…

Using this mouthwatering information, you would then decide if a place looked good and You made Your choice, you didn't rely on virtual strangers to help you decide what you like! At, we are not fond of the typical review websites for restaurants, and here's why...

In most cases, relying on these websites for recommendations is just not fair! A question for you… Do you have a favorite restaurant that you go to regularly? Has it ever been less-than-perfect at least once? Of course it has…

The truth is that because an establishment has some bad reviews, it does not necessarily mean a place is bad… Granted, you do your best to balance both the bad and the good reviews, but this information simply cannot be trusted and it could easily sway you away from a restaurant that you might have Loved!

Consider how many of a given restaurants’ competitors, disgruntled employees, or any of their “enemies” post negative reviews about them on various sites… and no ever knows… This happens regularly, and again, it’s just not fair, not to mention totally inaccurate!

So browse the Great Places on and make Your own decision to dine the old-fashioned way and feel good that you are looking at things justly! Discussion on the other hand is always good and we invite you to talk about your experiences fairly on Twitter and Instagram…

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